Below:  Work in process on long gun carving order:
L: Bull Steer w/ sombrero hanging    M: Our Co. Logo the feather    R: The Alamo
All by customers request see pictures Below for after  pictures
Below: the finished product of the above carving work Customer designed w/
inspiration from carver.......
50 Cal. Rifle fully custom carved
w/ scroll work & animals
50 Cal. Rifle under belly view
fully carved and stimpled
50 Cal. Rifle underside of trigger
guard Bear head and scroll work
Ebony end cap custom carved &
fitted to 50 cal. Rifle with custom
scroll work carvings
Retiring Master Sgt. get's a gift from his
men in the form of a 12 gauge Coach Gun w/
Unit Coin Inlay, ODA numbers scrimshaw
carved His Name, Rank, Dates of Service,
& His favorite saying

Medieval Head with ebony Inlay
for eyes
John Wayne Carving on
Rifle Stock
El Gato Rifle w/ our
signature feather carving
El Gato Rifle w/ American Eagle
carving lots of scroll work &
Turquoise Button Inlays
El Gato Rifle w/ Mexican Eagle
carving lots of scroll work &
Turquoise Button Inlays
El Gato Rifle detail scroll work
Custom forearm for 44 mag.
Pistol with 10in. Barrel.
Underside view of 44mag  
pistol forearm
Side view of 44 mag Pistol
AR-15 Custom Bacote Grip fully
stimpled with finger grooves.
AK-47 Custom Grip Stock Combo
fully stimpled with finger grooves.
AK-47 Custom Cherry Stock w/
coin inlay.
Double feather carving on
Double Barrel Shotgun
Ship being pulled under water by
a large Octopus on 50 Cal. Rifle
Up close view of covered wagon on
Rifle stock
Up close view of stage coach on
Rifle stock
Full view of a relief carving of
a stage coach w/ coin Inlay w/
2 crossing feathers carving
50 cal. Rifle w/ detailed scroll
work carvings even the barrel has
been carved, & Inlaid with 24k
Custom Butt Plate fitted to 50
Cal. Rifle also fully stimpled with
rebel flag carving
Everything that you see here was either thought up by our
Artist/Carver or You gave us the idea & let us do his magic.  
Sometimes you may have a picture or a general idea of what
you want but after spending a few minutes with us we will set
the wheels in motion.  I have never seen anything like it in my
life - By the way  we really are a family business.  We take a
lot of pride in what we do so feel sure that you will walk away
one happy customer.  

We take the time to talk to each & every customer to
ensure Quality Service to our Customers.

We offer free quotes.  Feel free to email us and we will assist
you as much as we possibly can.

We can personalize their favorite gun old/new with their
initials, name, etc.     Or we can carve their most memorable
moment in a scene on their Ole trusty shotgun.  The options
are endless just let your imagination take over.
Custom Hand Carved
Pistol Grip & Modified
Fully stimpled AK-47
custom hand carved
cherry also available
in many other
Our Logo (Two Feathers) carved on rifle stock
Mexican Flag/Eagle with
customer Last name
Custom Purple Heart    
  Presentation Case      
  for German Luger        
  carved from 1 solid     
  piece of wood
Ram carving
on very old       
piece of ivory
Ebony Inlay with
Dragon Head carving  
      in stock grips